Are you pulling my leg? Cheap athletic socks that don’t feel awful?

When I was training for a three-day walking event to benefit a breast cancer charity about six years ago, I ditched a huge drawer full of cheap, white cotton socks and invested in several pairs of spendy, structured athletic socks. Before that, I hadn’t considered myself an athlete and I certainly wasn’t doing rigorous enough exercise to warrant buying $15 socks. But when I realized that part of the reason my feet were badly blistered, aching, and sweaty was the stretched-thin cotton I was covering them, I was convinced it was time to switch over.

After one ten-mile walk in the expensive athletic socks, I went home and made sure all of the cheapy socks were gone for good. The good kind have held up well all these years later, and I still love the feeling of the cushioned heel and ball of my foot, the reliable arch support, the wicking fabric and meshy top that keep my feet cool, and that they never slip down when I really get going.

I considered myself a convert, specifically to Thorlo socks. At $13-$15 a pair, this is a commitment I am willing to make for the well-being of my feet and my workouts.

Then the other day, I was cruising through Walgreen’s for some first aid supplies, when I noticed that they now carry athletic socks among the knee-high hosiery and corn pads. They were on sale, and I wondered if Walgreen’s was stocking cheaper socks that would actually work well for walking. In my curiosity, I bought some.

I chose the most expensive kind I found on the rack — Kushyfoot Athletics. I chose them because they have padded soles and arch support and are made of organic cotton. They promised to massage my feet with every step. The package contained one pair of white, low-cut socks — for $3.49!

I have to say, they are very comfortable. Even though they barely peek up above my running shoes, they did not slip or leave my heel rubbed raw. I can’t say that I felt like my feet were getting a rub-down during my workout, but they were surprisingly more cushy to the many pairs of cheapy cotton socks I once owned.

I will still stay true to my Thorlos. Kushyfoot athletic socks are just not as structured and wicking as they are. But I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a few more packages of Kushyfoots as runner-up walking socks. That way, if one gets eaten by the washing machine monster or I accidentally leave them at a hotel, I won’t be as devastated. If have some kind of workout emergency and have to run in to a Walgreen’s, CVS, Publix, or Kroger (just some of the grocery and drug stores where they are sold, according to their website), I will be able to find inexpensive socks I’ve already road-tested. The best part I won’t have to sacrifice wearing socks that feel good.

What kind of socks do you wear to work out in? Are you a sucker for the spendy athletic socks or do you stick with the cheap kind?

How To Jump High Using Olympic Lifts

Hey Athlete’s,

Have you ever heard the phrase – Olympic Lifts make Olympic Athletes?

It’s TRUE.

Come On Guys… Work On Your Technique Dog-Gone-It!

So what exactly are Olympic Lifts?

What I’m talking about here are cleans and snatches. You know, those exercises for increasing vertical jump that everyone says you need to be doing but no one will take the time to show you how the heck to do them properly.

Yes PROPERLY… This is a very important term, not only for Olympic Lifts but for all vertical jump training.

We are talking about…

Technique… Technique… Technique…? It’s ALL about the “T” word.

A lot of coaches say Olympic lifts cause injuries and some claim that they are unnecessary to increase your vertical jump.

The TRUTH is actually the complete opposite!? These lifts can help your vertical jump fly… and the only way you get injured is by poor technique.

Your technique has to be really good and you need to have plenty of practice before incorporating cleans and snatches into your vertical jump training.


You won’t get much out of them. So let me help you get this technique down and you will love Olympic Lifts once you technically master them.

Start with a broomstick, then work your way up to a bar.? You will begin to athletically adapt and your vertical gains will follow!

Still not convinced…

Statistically, all those who achieve a snatch weighted to their own body weight, nearly all have a 40 inch standing vertical!

How Freakin Crazy Is That!

Here are articles that give you sound technique on the two Olympic Lifts that will really give you an advantage on the basketball court and ultimately help train you how to jump higher for basketball!? They are the Jump Snatch and the Hang Clean.

Need to know more exercise for you to jump higher, just read this article at :

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Find Health Insurance to Match your Requirements

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Many insurance purchasers avoid comparing quotes simply because it is too much effort to sort through the huge volume of data that you find online. However, one can make the use of insurance websites that act as brokers for health insurance. On making a request on these sites and giving the required information, you will receive at least 4 to 5 health insurance quotes from different providers. Comparing these, you will be able to get the right health insurance to match your needs.

Comparing quotes ensures that you get an affordable policy, the reason being the stiff competition in the insurance industry. Insurance providers are looking for new business and to attract customers are willing to offer discounts on prices. When you compare various online quotes, chances are that you will find the right health insurance to match your budget as well as provide the essential insurance cover.

Blogging for Big Bux

So this website “” is huge. It only started a couple of months ago, but it became a “viral sensation,” as we say here in InternetLand.

The website is run by a Canadian guy, too, Christian Lander, now living, I believe in Culver City, outside Los Angeles.

It gets some crazy number of hits. Now, like so many others, he’s a ” blogger with a book deal,” Random House in the U.S. reportedly dropped $350 Gs on him for a book based on the blog. The book will, of course, be titled: Stuff White People Like.

The website is basically a list of stuff “white people like,” and why. It’s quirky: Obama, bicycles, farmer’s markets, Toyota Prius’s, public radio, vintage clothes, Apple stuff (like iPhones and Macbooks), knowing what’s best for poor people, indie music, studying abroad, the Sunday New York Times, etc.

And a lot of it’s pretty funny. I laughed at this (in “stuff white people like” #87: “outdoor performance clothes”):

“When white people aren’t working, they generally like to wear Outdoor Performance Clothes. The top suppliers of these garments and accessories include North Face, REI, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Columbia Sportswear, and Patagonia. When you see white people wearing these, it is important that you do not discuss business matters. Instead you should say things like “where did you get that fleece?” and “what’s that thing holding your keys to your shorts?””

That gives you a taste of it. And it’s obviously struck a chord. Everyone seems to be talking about it, and what a lot of the people who are talking about it are saying is that everyone seems to be talking about it.

Which is great news for the publisher – if it keeps up.

They better pray. For a while there there was a funny site about mullets my friends and I were going to all the time.

Then we stopped. This kind of has a similar feel to me. (I think Random House is feeling something similar, because they’re hustling the book out, the guy just signed the deal and the book’s coming out this August: in publishing terms that’s like running a 30-second mile.)

Anyway, the blog doesn’t really resonate with me. It is talking about a specific type of white person I’m just not, thank God. I would never go to an 80s-themed anything, I do not think Sarah Silverman is funny, I type on an IBM, I’ve never watched Arrested Development, I don’t wear Columbia or North Face gear, etc.

It’s kind of consumerist. It’s kind of mainstream. It’s very American, I think, in its flavor. But it’s by a white guy, and at its core it’s pure, exquisite, perhaps even slightly cruel self-mockery. Which makes it, I think, quintessentially Canadian.

Can Cinnamon and Green Tea Train You The Way to consume Healthy

You may have learned about thermogenic meals (If You’re Able To Handle the Warmth, You’ll Achieve Healthy Weight Reduction and Diet Food, Drink, or Supplement?) and also the research that supports the healthy weight reduction claims. Cinnamon and green tea are two more meals that, when incorporated properly into healthy diets, give a body fat-fighting boost.  You can read more details at this article Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss | Health Guide HQ. As you may have expected, there’s much more research to base these healthy eating ideas from.

Cinnamon has remarkable benefits to provide to anybody, whether you have to be brought to diet food and shed some pounds or you are already on the right diet and wish to keep your body weight. Inside a recent Scandinavian study, lean and healthy subjects experienced enhancements within their blood insulin sensitivity and bloodstream glucose regulation after eating and enjoying cinnamon. These problems are essential simply because they eventually lower the chance of coronary disease and diabetes.

When it comes to the more significant problem on methods to consume healthy to lose weight, Dr. Richard Anderson (PhD) can offer some good info he discovered by performing research together with his co-workers. They gave participants 2 capsules of cinnamon extract two times each day for 12 days. The entire daily consumption was 500mg, which is like 10g or 1.5Tbsp of cinnamon powder. The outcomes in participants were reduced body fat and elevated lean muscle mass.

Adding 10g of cinnamon to daily foods is not so easy or practical. Plus, Anderson alerts that “when consuming high levels of polyphenols within the diet the salivary glands create a protein that binds and minimizes their effects.” This can be a crucial side note because the polyphenols can be the harmful chemicals that induce the advantageous qualities of cinnamon. Knowing this, we are able to propose a capsule, or supplement, as the easiest method to add the good nutrition of cinnamon to the weight loss programs.

Another food which should start being integrated into healthy foods to lose weight is green tea. The key element of the dietary plan meals are epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG for short. After looking at research concerning the tea and also the control over weight problems, Drs. Kimberly Grove (PhD) and Joshua Lambert (PhD) determined that the typical cup of brewed such tea consists of 240-320mg of catechins. 30-50%, or 72-260mg, of the catechins are EGCG.

A properly-reported study by Dr. Abdul Dulloo (PhD) shows what EGCG contributes to healthy eating. Study participants required 2 capsules of green tea extract 3 times each day (with every meal). The daily quantity of EGCG was 270mg, which may be acquired through 3-4 glasses of the tea. 6 from the 10 participants discovered that their 24-hour fat burning capacity rates rose by an additional 63.5-200 calories, with typically 78.3 calories. It is extremely impressive so good diet from green tea can offer exactly the same thermogenic boost as running on the treadmill faster than 9MPH for any couple of minutes.

Consuming three or four glasses of such tea every single day is certainly possible, and it may be an appealing option for those who are searching for alternate healthy weight reduction solutions. Bear in mind, though, that made this type of tea can’t be replaced with canned or canned teas or other kind of tea. Manufacturing and storage from the bottles you choose up in the supermarket considerably cuts the quantity of EGCG. Plus, neither black tea or oolong tea benefits contain as numerous catechins, especially EGCG, as green tea.

With all these specifics about when and how to drink green tea for body fat-fighting effects, it begins to resemble dietary fads rather than how you can eat healthy. Why not take a less complicated route that’s safe, effective, and convenient? Exactly the same supplement that utilizes the energy of cinnamon to improve healthy diets also uses green tea along with other thermogenic meals. Together, they burn fat like a well-balanced team. If you’re the right diet and working out hard, adding this capsule for your weight loss programs provides you with the boost you have to achieve healthy weight reduction success.

Anti-inflammatory Herb-Coptis

Coptis chinensis is one of the core ingredients of FlameEz?. Coptis has been documented as an herbal medicine for over a thousand years. According to Chinese pharmacopoeia, Coptis is one of the strongest herbs to clear heat, dry dampness, and eliminate toxins. It has been used as a main drug for treating damp-heat syndromes, particularly for intestinal and lung infections. In North America, Coptis root was called the “King of the Herbs.” The Native Americans taught the early colonists how to use Coptis root for canker sores and mouth sores, poor digestion, and infections. Due to a high demand for its medicinal value, Coptis became scarce through over-harvesting and goldenseal was used as a replacement. Pharmacological effects of Coptis include broad spectrum of antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory activities.

The pharmacological active ingredients of Coptis include berberine, coptisin, palmatine, jatrorrhizine, epiberberine, worenine, columbamine, and magnoflorine.

Based on published scientific and clinical research, Coptis:

Reduces nitric oxide generation and expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase;*
Blocks NF kappa B dependent pathways;*
Inhibits proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta;*
Reduces high blood pressure;*
Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol;*
Decreases oxidative stress;*
Increases blood flow to the extremities.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Reference (for abstracts and additional references, click here):

Hung TM. et al. Magnoflorine from Coptidis Rhizoma protects high density lipoprotein during oxidant stress. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 30(6):1157-60, 2007
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Asai M et al. Berberine alters the processing of Alzheimer’s amyloid precursor protein to decrease Abeta secretion. Biochemical & Biophysical Research Communications. 352(2):498-502, 2007
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Lee YS. et al. Berberine, a natural plant product, activates AMP-activated protein kinase with beneficial metabolic effects in diabetic and insulin-resistant states. Diabetes. 55(8):2256-64, 2006
Choi BH. et al. Berberine reduces the expression of adipogenic enzymes and inflammatory molecules of 3T3-L1 adipocyte. Experimental & Molecular Medicine. 38(6):599-605, 2006
Ko BS. et al. Insulin sensitizing and insulinotropic action of berberine from Cortidis rhizoma. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin. 28(8):1431-7, 2005
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Kong W. et al. Berberine is a novel cholesterol-lowering drug working through a unique mechanism distinct from statins. Nature Medicine. 10(12):1344-51, 2004
Yokozawa T. et al. Coptidis Rhizoma: protective effects against peroxynitrite-induced oxidative damage and elucidation of its active components. Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacology. 56(4):547-56, 2004
Zeng XH. et al. Efficacy and safety of berberine for congestive heart failure secondary to ischemic or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. American Journal of Cardiology. 92(2):173-6, 2003

Texas Law Requires Coverage for Neocate

Did you know that as of the 1st of this year, Texas law began mandating that health insurance companies provide coverage for families needing Neocate?

It is a an amino acid-based infant formula. It is helpful in the nutritional management of food allergy, associated conditions & other GI disorders.

The legislation covers formula administered orally or by a feeding tube. The law requires that insurance companies reimburse you if your child is diagnosed by a pediatrician with one or more of the following diagnosis:

IgE and non IgE-mediated allergies to multiple food proteins (i.e. milk protein allergy)

Severe food protein-induced entercolitis

Eosinophilic disorders

Impaired absorption of nutrients caused by disorders affecting the absorptive surface, functional length, and motility of the gastrointestinal tract.